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Tools and information developed by CASE to ensure consumers like you are treated fairly, safely and honestly.

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Through CASE In Point, we discuss consumer issues and shed light on CASE’s role in protecting and empowering consumers.

Price Kaki

Download the mobile application to compare the prices of everyday necessities and hawker food to stretch your hard-earned money

Fuel Kaki

A retail fuel comparison website to help you compare prices and promotions across different retailers

The Consumer Magazine

A quarterly publication that brings you the latest trends and issues on consumer matters

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How CaseTrust protects you?

CaseTrust, the accreditation arm of CASE, promotes fair and ethical trading among businesses so that
you can shop with confidence.

Prepayment Protection

Mitigate potential losses for your prepayment by shopping with accredited businesses under selected CASETrust schemes.

Accredited Businesses List

Allowing you to identify companies with good business practices when shopping.

Industry Engagement

Engaging different trade associations to jointly promote good business practices and raise industry standards.