You have a dispute with a retailer but the communication has come to a standstill. Why not try mediation?
About CASE Mediation Procedure
When does CASE invite both parties for mediation?
Upon the case reaching a deadlock or
When both parties are agreeable to come forward for mediation.
Note: Mediation is purely on invitational basis.
Fees collection and pre mediation scheduling
Collection of mediation fees from both parties.
Receipts will be sent to both parties to confirm that payment has been made.
How is the mediation date scheduled?
Our mediation team will schedule a suitable date after contacting all parties.
A letter of confirmation will be sent to all parties at least a week before the mediation date.
During the actual mediation session
A maximum session of 2 hours
Only the main parties involved can attend the mediation.
A settlement agreement will be signed and given to both parties once a settlement has been reached.
What if during mediation, there is no settlement?
For all mediated cases, after the mediation session, the officer in-charge will re-assess the case and either continue with correspondences or
To recommend other feasible alternatives.
How do I know that my case has been closed?
The officer in-charge of your case will contact you directly to present the outcome of your case and to seek your approval for case closure.
9 facts about mediation:
  1. Mediation is voluntary.
  2. Mediators work towards encouraging both parties through interaction to arrive at an amicable settlement by themselves.
  3. During mediation, both parties have full opportunity to put forward their side of the story. Both parties are able to understand both sides of the coin with inclusion of mediators’ suggestions.
  4. Mediation allows both parties to resolve the matter through the facilitation of a mediator.
  5. The mediator, unlike a judge, does not make decisions on the disputes in any way.
  6. There is informed decision making on the terms of settlement with the facilitation of the mediators.
  7. Mediation sessions tend to be less stressful to both parties and, at times, are friendly conversations and clarifications.
  8. In mediation, there is no right or wrong or winning party or losing party. It is a win-win situation.
  9. If the consumer who has a dispute with a CaseTrust accredited business requests for mediation at CASE Mediation Centre, the CaseTrust accredited business must attend the mediation session arranged by CASE.
About CASE Mediation Centre
  • CASE mediation Centre was set up in June 1999.
  • CASE's mediation services are certified by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). Being certified as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (RSP) means that CASE's mediation services in terms of its various processes (including the manner in which it appoints its mediators) have met certain independently set standards. This also indicates the professionalism of its mediation services.
  • As of 20 May 2022, we have 113 mediators.
  • Our mediators are CASE volunteers, from a wide array of professions. This ensures that our mediators have no vested interest in the dispute resolution process.
  • Around 20% of CASE's mediators are also accredited mediators under SIMI. Such accreditation indicates these mediators operate as dispute resolution professionals who have met certain independently set standards.
  • There is a 70-80% success rate of resolving your dispute through the CASE Mediation Centre.
Charges (subject to prevailing GST)
(*Mediation charges for CaseTrust accredited business will be borne by the CaseTrust Department.)
Fee Schedule for Mediation - All Industries Except Real Estate
Claim Range Member Non-member CaseTrust business Non CaseTrust business
$ $ $ $ $
Below 5,000 15 35 30 35
5,000-10,000 15 50 45 50
10,001-20,000 25 100 90 100
20,001-30,000 125 200 180 200
30,000-40,000 225 300 250 300
Above 40,000 325 400 350 400

Fee Schedule for mediation - Real Estate
Claimant Business
Claim Range Member Non-Member
$ $ $ $
Below 5,000 35 80 80
5,001 - 10,000 35 80 80
10,001 - 20,000 50 120 120
20,001 - 30,000 125 200 200
30,001 - 40,000 225 300 300
Above 40,000 325 400 400
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