Consumers who wish to seek free legal advice are welcome to see an officer for a prior consultation and a case assessment. At consultation, the officer will then make recommendations accordingly.

Other than CASE, you may wish to consider these options:

  • Small Claims Tribunals
    The Small Claims Tribunals is part of the State Courts of Singapore.

    From 10 July 2017, the Tribunals will be using an electronic case filing and management system called CJTS (Community Justice and Tribunals System). CJTS allows parties involved in disputes to file claims and access Court e-services from the comfort of their homes or any place with an internet connection.

    The Tribunals hear claims not exceeding $10,000. This limit can be raised to $20,000 if both parties agree to it and file a Memorandum of Consent online. All claims must be filed within 1 year from the date on which the cause of action accrued.

    For more information on Small Claims Tribunal, please visit
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