Royal House (The Rome Gallery) (Private) Ltd
12 Oct
Company Alert - Royal House (The Rome Gallery) (Private) Ltd
Company Alert - Royal House (The Rome Gallery) (Private) Ltd

From 1 April 2016 to 10 October 2016, the Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) received 64 complaints1 against Royal House (The Rome Gallery) (Private) Ltd (“Royal House”), a furniture company.

These complaints relate to the failure of Royal House to honour the terms of their contract with consumers.

Based on consumers’ complaints, there have been multiple delays in the delivery of their furniture despite payment being made to Royal House. In some cases, consumers allege that full or close to full payment have been made to Royal House. According to consumers, the officers of Royal House are no longer contactable.

The registered office address of Royal House is 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #04-16 E9 Premium Singapore 757047 and the company was newly registered in October 2015 with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Consumers should also note that the paid-up capital for Royal House is $1 and are encouraged to exercise prudence when dealing with a lowly capitalised company.

CASE would like to remind consumers to exercise prudence when making purchases, especially at furniture fairs. The organisers of such fairs may not conduct in-depth checks on the background of the companies that exhibit at the fair. It is possible that some of these exhibitors are newly set up and may lack the capital and the resources to continue their operations in the long term.

Furthermore, retailers often offer free gifts or large discounts at furniture fairs to entice consumers to pay the full sum of money there and then. CASE would like to remind consumers not to pay in full up front to the retailer before the furniture is delivered. To minimise their exposure to such errant retailers, consumers should only pay upon delivery or pay a small sum for a deposit initially and the rest of the payment after the furniture is delivered to the satisfaction of the consumer.

Meanwhile, affected consumers may consider filing a claim with the Small Claims Tribunals while the company is still live on ACRA. Consumers may also consider filing a police report if they suspect that fraud is involved. Complaints against Royal House are handled by the Clementi Police Division. Consumers may contact them at telephone number 1800-774-0000.

Please visit: for more consumer tips when buying furniture.

1Please note that the complaints quoted above include phone calls, filed, assisted and counselled cases only.

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