Exodus Global Pte Ltd
31 Oct
Company Alert - Exodus Global Pte Ltd
Company Alert – De Auto Boutique Pte Ltd and Exodus Global Pte Ltd

Number of Complaints

From 1st January 2016 to 31st October 2016, the Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) received 41 complaints against De Auto Boutique Pte Ltd and Exodus Global Pte Ltd. The complaints were mainly about consumers paying a deposit (ranging around $5,000 to $30,000) to the company to secure the deal, but failed to receive the car on the promised delivery date.

The registered office address of the company is at 33 Ubi Avenue 3 Vertex Building #01-34 Singapore 408868.

Nature of Consumer Complaints

The unfair practices complained by consumers includes misleading claims being made by employees or agents of De Auto Boutique Pte Ltd and Exodus Global Pte Ltd (section 4(a) of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, Chapter 52A (“CPFTA”)) and false claims (section 4(b) of the CPFTA).

Consumers who wish to report any unfair practices committed can contact CASE. Alternatively, consumers may lodge a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal for losses / damages suffered as a result of any unfair practices committed.

When engaging any motoring company, consumers should always ensure that they do their homework by looking up the company to ensure that they have a good track record in their transactions with consumers. Where possible, consumers should negotiate to pay as low a deposit as possible, to minimise their risks in the event that something goes wrong with the transaction. They should also keep all proofs of transactions such as receipts and invoices and ensure that all verbal agreements are put down in writing for ease of dispute resolution.

We would advise consumers to consider engaging CaseTrust accredited motoring businesses as far as possible. Such businesses have committed themselves to fair trading and are required to go for compulsory mediation at the CASE Mediation Centre in the event of a dispute if requested by the consumer. The list of CaseTrust accredited businesses can be found at www.casetrust.org.sg.

*Complaints include counselled, assisted, filed and rejected cases.

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