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1 Jun
CASE advisory on The Discovery Group Pte Ltd
CASE advisory on The Discovery Group Pte Ltd

From February 2012 till date, CASE received cases from at least 11 consumers with regards to the contracts they signed with The Discovery Group Pte Ltd. The said 11 consumers have asked CASE to help them cancel their contracts with The Discovery Group Pte Ltd. Considering that the Discovery Group Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore only in February 2012, this is an alarming trend that CASE would like to highlight to consumers.

According to what CASE understand from the affected consumers, they have existing timeshare contracts with another company and were told about one or more of the following*:

  • There is "corporate restructuring"
  • The Discovery Group Pte Ltd is now the parent company of the company whom they purchased the existing timeshare contract from
  • The Discovery Group Pte Ltd is taking over the existing contract / company whom they purchased the existing timeshare contract from
  • The Discovery Group Pte Ltd can help to waive off balance payment under the existing contract
  • The Discovery Group Pte Ltd can help to terminate the existing contract and recover monies / The Discovery Group Pte Ltd can recover monies under the previous contract
  • AND A new contract has to be signed and fees have to be paid to The Discovery Group Pte Ltd.

*Note: The list is not exhaustive.

Fees paid range from $200 to $7000.

CASE would like to remind consumers to exercise prudence especially when they are dealing with companies that claim to handle their existing timeshare contracts for them for a fee.

In addition, we urge consumers to take time to evaluate any company or business which initiated contact and offer attractive solutions to their problems. In particular, consumers should check how long the company or business has been in existence and their track record in settling consumers’ problems in the ways offered or described. So far, CASE has not heard of any successful termination by timeshare-related companies. When in doubt, consumers should not sign any contract or agreement or make any payment. It would be best not to visit the company’s or business’ premises alone.

Should consumers require our assistance with their timeshare or timeshare-related membership(s), they can speak to one of our Consumer Relations Officers by either calling our hotline at 6100 0315 between 9 am and 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays and between 9 am and 12 noon on Saturdays or visiting us at our Ghim Moh office between 9 am and 4 pm from Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Public Holidays.

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