Cars Today Private Limited
16 Feb
Company Alert - Cars Today Pte Ltd
Advisory for Consumers on Motor Dealer - Cars Today Pte Ltd
Since November 2014, CASE has received 12 complaints against Cars Today Pte Ltd about the transfer of car ownership. Consumers have complained that they have purchased second-hand cars from the car dealer but the ownership of the car was not transferred to them up till today. Some consumers have also reported that their car had been repossessed by a car leasing company. Although the business is still live on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), consumers have feedback that the business is no longer contactable.
Affected consumers should make a police report immediately and consult a lawyer if their claims are substantial (more than $10,000) as it exceeds the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT). For claims under $10,000, consumers can file a claim at the SCT to get a judgement against the company.
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