Consumer Alert - Advisory on Valiancy Enterprise

From 1 February to 26 September 2017, the Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) received five complaints* against Valiancy Enterprise (which includes various entities such as Valiancy Enterprise LLP, Valiancy Carpenter Enterprise LLP and Valiancy Pte Ltd). Out of the five complaints received, four complaints were reported in the past two months. These complaints were mainly about consumers paying several thousand dollars to the company, which failed to complete the renovation works by the promised date. According to consumers, the officers of Valiancy Enterprise are no longer contactable.

The registered office address of the company is at 122 Eunos Avenue 7 #02-06 Richfield Industrial Centre Singapore 409575.

We encourage consumers with unresolved disputes against the company to contact CASE (hotline: 6100 0315, website:, for further assistance. Alternatively, consumers may lodge a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal for losses / damages suffered.

When engaging a renovation contractor, consumers should always ensure that they do their homework by verifying that the contractor is registered with the Housing & Development Board (HDB), as well as have a good track record in their transactions with consumers. Consumers should also note that, in this case, the paid-up capital for Valiancy Pte Ltd is $100 and are encouraged to exercise prudence when dealing with a lowly capitalised company.

Consumers can consider engaging a CaseTrust-RCMA accredited renovation contractor (, where their deposits are protected under a deposit performance bond in the event of non-performance of contract, closure, winding up and/or liquidation of the business.

Where possible, consumers should negotiate to pay no more than 20% for the initial deposit, and to pay progressively as each step of the renovation work is completed. They should also ensure that all verbal agreements are put down in writing and that the contractual agreement reflects accurate, itemised billing and listing of products and services, and clear project deadlines.

*Complaints comprise of counselled cases (including phone enquiries).  

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