Consumer Alert – Nax Capital Private Limited

From January 2014 to July 2015, CASE has received 21 complaints from investors relating to Nax Capital Private Limited (“Nax Capital”). These investors have feedback to CASE that they were told that they would be able to recover their monies previously paid to different timeshares companies if they invested in the company’s scheme.

These investors had made payment to Nax Capital directly through a Nax Capital’s representative and were issued receipts and contract(s) with Nixdorf-AX Ventures (“Nixdorf-AX”) for preference shares in Nixdorf-AX.

General Advice

Investors should note that Nixdorf-AX is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and this may present certain difficulties when it comes to enforcing any contract against Nixdorf-AX (if applicable). Even if the investor succeeds in obtaining judgment against the company, whether the judgment is eventually satisfied will depend on the company’s creditworthiness. Investors should also take note to ensure that all representations or promises made by an agent are reflected in the contract signed.

Investors are urged to do their due diligence before making any investments and investors who are threatened with legal action/waiver of their rights are advised to approach a lawyer for advice.

In situations where the timeshare company is lowly capitalised and/or are no longer operating, it is unlikely for investors to be able to recover their monies previously paid to the timeshare company if they were to contract to make more payment be it to a third party (e.g. Nax Capital) or to the timeshare company. Investors should be cautious of such representations.

Lodging A Complaint

Investors who wish to lodge a complaint against any company engaged in the sale of investment-related products/services should do so by writing to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and/or emailing

Investors who wish to report offences involving fraud and/or dishonesty, should do so by writing directly to the Commercial Affairs Department.

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