Case Studies For September 2018

Case Study #1

Ms Denise* purchased a portable charger at $50 with six months warranty. After using it a few times, the charging port went loose and "sank" inside the device. She brought the defective item to the shop and requested for an exchange or refund. However, the company refused to exchange or repair the portable charge and claimed it was the first unit that was reported faulty.

With assistance from CASE, Ms Denise was able to get back a $50 refund from the company.

Case Study #2

Mr Goh* purchased a sofa set for $1,600. When the sofa was delivered to his house, the deliveryman left before he could inspect the item. Subsequently, Mr Goh realized that there were tears on the corners and the leather portion of the one-seater. Mr Goh feedback to the company but there was no follow ups. He requested for an exchange of the defective sofa

CASE negotiated with the furniture company who agreed to repair the defective sofa to the satisfaction of Mr Goh.

Case Study #3

Mdm Lay* bought a brand new smartphone for $550 from a handphone shop. After reaching home, she opened the box and realised that there was a crack on the back of the phone. In addition, the phone did not look new. Mdm Lay called the sales staff who claimed that she needed to top up $150 for a new handphone. She disagreed and requested for the shop to provide her with a refund.

CASE highlighted the Lemon Law to the business and the owner eventually agreed to provide Mdm Lay with a new replacement handphone.

Case Study #4

Mr Wong* purchased a used car from a car dealer for $44,500 after trading in his original car. He paid a deposit of $5,000. One month later, Mr Wong heard a rattling sound coming from the bonnet each time he stepped on the accelerator. He visited a motor vehicle workshop and was informed that it would cost him $4,000 to repair the defective gearbox. Mr Wong requested for the car dealer to rectify the problem or reimburse him accordingly.

CASE informed the car dealer that businesses are obliged to repair or replace the defective item under the Lemon Law. The dealer eventually agreed to repair the defective gearbox for free.

*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

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