Case Studies For November 2017

Case Study #1

Mr Tan* booked two return air tickets to Perth from a budget airline and paid $750. A few months later, Mr Tan and his wife left for their holiday in Perth. They were supposed to return to Singapore by the same airline, but were informed that the Perth-Singapore flight had been suspended because of a recent network review. Mr Tan eventually had pay $1,600 to purchase another two air tickets from a full-service airline to return to Singapore.

Upon CASE’s intervention, the airline agreed to compensate $1,600 for the air tickets.

Case Study #2

Mdm Chan* signed up for a tour package to Shanghai. As part of the tour itinerary, she was brought to a shop and was told that it was a subsidiary of a reputable Chinese pharmaceutical company that produced traditional Chinese medicine. Mdm Chan informed the staff that she could not sleep regularly and was recommended a bottle of medicine that would improve her condition. Upon relentless persuasion by the salesperson, she eventually bought six boxes of the medicine for $1,200. When she returned to Singapore, Mdm Chan tried to access the company’s website printed on the box of medicine. To her horror, no such company existed and the weblink was invalid. Furthermore, the medicine did not improve her insomnia.

Upon CASE’s intervention, the company agreed to provide a full refund for the purchase of the medicine.

Case Study #3

Mr Lim* visited a travel fair and indicated his interest to purchase a 13-day tour package to Canada. He was informed by the agent that the tour will only proceed if at least 15 people signed up for the tour. He was assured by the agency that it would be able to gather sufficient members for the tour. Thus, he bought the tour package for four people and paid $2,000 as a deposit. The tour was scheduled to depart three months later. Two weeks before the trip, the agent informed Mr Lim that the tour could not proceed as there were insufficient tour members. They proposed alternative options such as postponing the date of departure or switching to a different itinerary. Mr Lim requested for a refund of his $2,000 deposit instead.

Upon CASE’s intervention, Mr Lim was able to get back a refund of his $2,000 deposit.

Case Study #4

Ms Zhu* purchased a voucher through an eCommerce shopping platform for a three-night stay at a resort in Thailand, Phuket (inclusive of return trip air tickets) for four people and paid $1,200. She booked the air tickets and resort stay through a travel agency as stated on the voucher for her trip. She proceeded to fly to Thailand together with her group but upon arrival at the resort, she was told that the travel agency had ceased operations the day before and the resort booking was not secured. Ms Zhu had to pay THB$10,800 (approximately SGD$450) directly to resort for the three-night stay. She requested for reimbursement of the additional cost paid to the resort.

Upon CASE’s intervention, Ms Zhu was able to receive full reimbursement for the amount she paid to the resort.

*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

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