Case Studies For June 2018

Case Study #1

In March 2017, Mr Wong* purchased an ash wood bench for $320 scheduled for delivery in October 2017. In October, he received a bench, of which the colour and type of wood was significantly different from what he had ordered. He contacted the company and found out that a walnut wood bench instead of an ash wood bench was delivered. He was only informed then that the ash wood bench was out of stock. Mr Wong questioned when new stock would arrive or if there were any suitable alternatives for the ash wood bench but to no avail.

After Mr Wong approached CASE, the company agreed to deliver the ash wood bench in February 2018. However, the delivered bench was defective as some parts of the bench legs were chipped off and there were cracks in the wood. Mr Wong rejected the delivery. Under the Lemon Law, consumers can ask the company to repair, replace, reduce the price or provide a refund for a defective product. CASE eventually negotiated with the company for a full refund of $320 to Mr Wong.

Case Study #2

Mr Loy* sent his jacket to a laundry shop for dry cleaning in Oct 2017. The jacket was purchased at a price of $600. He had previously sent the jacket for dry cleaning with the same shop and the jacket was cleaned well. However, he noticed that his jacket had white discolourations marks when he collected the jacket this time. Upon informing the shop, Mr Loy received a letter confirming that the discolouration had indeed appeared after the jacket was dry cleaned. He contacted the shop multiple times and requested for compensation for the discoloured jacket but to no avail.

Upon CASE’s intervention, the shop agreed to compensate $300 to Mr Loy for the discoloured jacket.

Case Study #3

In January 2018, Mr Goh* purchased a new mobile phone through an online shopping platform for $740. The mobile phone was delivered a few days later. He immediately discovered that it was a used set as the warranty period had already started when he tried to register the mobile phone online. He requested to return the used phone for a refund. The company agreed to the refund and arranged for the collection of mobile phone. However, Mr Goh had yet to receive his refund one month later.

CASE contacted the company and was able to arrange for the refund to Mr Goh within a week.

Case Study #4

Ms Lim* purchased travel insurance from an insurance company for her overseas trip to Taiwan. Six hours before her flight, there was a news announcement that an earthquake had hit Taiwan. It was also reported that powerful aftershocks would follow. Ms Lim thus made the decision to cancel the trip. She sought a full refund of her travel package due to the natural disaster. However, the insurance company claimed that there was no official recommendation from the relevant authorities that travellers should not travel.

CASE negotiated with the insurance company and was able to get back a full refund of $1,200 for Ms Lim.

*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from CASE. For general enquiries, you can call our hotline at 6100 0315 between 9am and 5pm from Mondays to Fridays and between 9am and 12pm on Saturdays. For an in-depth consultation with our officers, please visit us at 170 Ghim Moh Road, #05-01 Ulu Pandan Community Building, between 9am and 4pm from Mondays to Saturdays. You can also file a complaint online here.
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