Case Studies For July 2014

Case Study #1

In October 2011, Mr Ong* engaged a plumbing company for their services to unclog the urinal and drainage in his master bedroom. He paid $250 and was given a 60 days warranty. A week later, the drainage problem returned. Mr Ong called up the company and the plumber attempted to unclog the drainage but was unsuccessful. Mr Ong was told to consider changing the urinal and if the problem persisted, get HDB's help. He informed HDB and paid their contractor $150 and the problem was fully rectified without replacing the urinal. Mr Ong was not satisfied with the company’s services and requested a partial refund.

The case was reported and CASE highlighted to the company that they may have infringed upon the CPFTA - Making false claims about the functionality or benefits of goods or services and CPFTA - Making claims that goods or services are from a certain country or of a particular quality or standard when they are not. CASE negotiated with the company and Mr Ong received a partial refund of $150.


Case Study #2

In January 2012, Ms Koh* paid a dating agency $2,200 for a package of at least 10 dates over 12 months. Based on the agreement, the agency would arrange a date for Ms Koh every Thursday. For Ms Koh’s first date in February, the agency only sent her a confirmation for a date after repeated enquiries from her. For the following week, the agency failed to contact her at all. Ms Koh sought an explanation but the agency’s response was unsatisfactory. She lost confidence in the agency and requested to terminate her package and get a refund of $1,230.

CASE negotiated with the agency and Ms Koh eventually received a partial refund of $1,230.


Case Study #3

In November 2011, Mr Loh* engaged a moving company’s services as he was moving house. He paid $1,950.08 including insurance coverage. However, one of Mr Loh’s painting was damaged during the move. He notified the company immediately. Despite repeated chasing, Mr Loh only received the insurance claim form one month later. In addition, the completed form he submitted to the company was not sent to the insurer for another month. Approximately two weeks later, the company picked up the painting for repair. However, the painting was returned to Mr Loh two days later, without repair and with more damages. Mr Loh was also informed by the insurer that his insurance claim had been rejected. Mr Loh requested for the company to reimburse him $520 for the repair costs of the painting.

CASE negotiated with the company and Mr Loh eventually received reimbursement of $520.


Case Study #4

In March 2012, Mr Sim* received a bill of $288.90 for the usage of a fire sensor in his home from Dec 2011 to June 2012. Mr Sim contacted the company and was told that his current contract would end in July. However, the serviceman from the company had previously removed the sensor without replacement since last December. As the company failed to deliver the replacement and still demanded payment, Mr Sim lost confidence in the company and disputed paying the $288.90. Mr Sim requested for termination of the contract immediately with no further liability.

CASE negotiated with the company and the company agreed to allow Mr Sim to terminate the contract with no further liability.


Case Study #5

During a roadshow in June 2011 Ms Cindy* bought a $18 voucher for a chiropractic session. She then visited the chiropractor for a consultation in the same month. A chiropractor attended to her and prescribed a 30-session treatment package for stiff neck and lower back condition. The consultants later solicited a bigger 50-session package. Ms Cindy paid the company $4,500. Her stiff neck condition occurred a lot more often than before and there was no improvement in her lower back condition after 24 sessions. Ms Cindy lost confidence in the company and requested for termination with a refund commensurate with the lack of results.

CASE negotiated with the company and both parties agreed to a refund of $2,340 as the final settlement.


*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

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