Case Studies For December 2014

Case Study #1

In Oct 2014, Mdm Tay* visited a shopping mall and made an appointment for a free cleaning service with a company, where there would be no obligation to purchase any products. The sales agent visited Mdm Tay’s house for the free cleaning service and started to sell the vacuum cleaner to her. Mdm Tay clearly requested some time for further consideration, but the sales agent was very persistent. Mdm Tay reluctantly made the purchase at $3,745 and traded in her old vacuum cleaner. Three days later, Mdm Tay wrote to the company and requested to return the new vacuum cleaner for a full refund.

CASE negotiated with the company and the company eventually agreed to provide Mdm Tay with a full refund of $3,745 as the full and final settlement.


Case Study #2

Liam* subscribed to multi-SIM service in 2010. He had intended the spare SIM card to be used as a back-up. Unfortunately, Liam lost his mobile phone in January 2011. He reported the loss to the telecommunications company and requested them to cancel the previous card and activate the spare SIM. Liam was shocked when he received his phone bill in February 2011 reflecting excessive charges for data roaming of approximately $177,000. The company offered a waiver of around $153,000 which Liam found unacceptable. Liam requested a full waiver of the phone bill.

CASE negotiated with the company and the company eventually agreed to provide Liam with a full refund of $177,000 as the full and final settlement.


Case Study #3

In May 2012, Josephine* signed her dog up for the company’s daycare package of 20 sessions (plus two complimentary) for $1,498. Whilst in their care, Josephine’s dog sustained injury on two different occasions, firstly with puncture wounds to his snout and most recently, with an injury on its paw as well as a scratch near its eye in December 2012. Josephine lost confidence in the company and requested for termination of the package with refund of the unutilised sessions.

CASE negotiated with the company and the both parties eventually agreed to a partial refund of $214 and some pet products worth $308.


Case Study #4

In Sep 2013, Aaron* engaged a contractor to dismantle, service and repaint his existing trellis system. The full contractual value was $3,500. The works were completed in Oct. Two months later, the trellises were found to be badly corroded. The whole system was subsequently replaced. In the course of replacement, there were various defects, especially badly worn “end-caps” and poor paintwork. Rectification works were arranged to commence in Mar 2014 but the contractor felt that it was unreasonable to arrange for rectification works when it was the rainy season. Aaron disagreed and requested for expeditious rectifications.

CASE contacted the company and they agreed to rectify the trellis system accordingly.


Case Study #5

In Jun 2014, Melinda* ordered a marble dining table from a furniture company for $1068.93. According to the sales order, the delivery was supposed to be on 16 Jun 2014. However, the company kept on delaying her order and Melinda had to constantly follow up with the matter on her own. After much delay, the table was finally delivered on 30 Jul 2014. However, one of the table legs was slanted outwards. Melinda contacted the company who sent an agent to her home to investigate. The agent admitted that the table was beyond repair and they would deliver a new set on 14 Aug 2014. Melinda requested for the company to honour their promise as the table was not delivered.

CASE informed the company that they may have infringed upon the Lemon Law. After negotiation, the company eventually agreed to provide Melinda with a full refund of $1068.93.

*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

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