Case Studies For August 2014

Case Study #1

In Feb 2012, Mrs Low* bought two guinea pigs of $95 each for her daughter. One month later, one of the guinea pigs was diagnosed to be pregnant with three babies. In Mar 2012, the guinea pig was in labour and was sent for delivery. The vet advised that the guinea pig and her babies were likely not survive unless caesarean section was used as the guinea pig was of immature age. Mrs Low spent $1,092.41 for the caesarean fees. She requested for a reimbursement of the fees as she felt that pet shops should not be selling pregnant pets.

CASE negotiated with the shop and both parties eventually agreed to a refund in kind of $500.


Case Study #2

In early Dec 2011, Mdm Kim* bought a pendant hanging light for $200. She was informed that installation fees would cost an extra $250. Mdm Kim agreed and paid $200 to date. The company delivered the lights to her house a total of four times, but the lights were not to her satisfaction due to a visibly slanted covering and dented material. Mdm Kim finally accepted in protest as Christmas was approaching. In March 2012, Mdm Kim heard an explosion and smoke was emitted from the lights. The company proposed rectification works but Mdm Kim disagreed. She lost confidence in the company and requested for a refund of $200.

CASE emphasised to company that they may infringed upon the Sale of Goods Act. CASE negotiated with the company and the company agreed to waive off the remaining balance of $250 for Mdm Kim.


Case Study #3

In Mar 2012, Ms Wong* purchased a bottle of royal jelly capsule from a company at $113.72. After consuming the capsules, Ms Wong developed serious rashes a few days later. She consulted a doctor on the rashes and was referred to the Accident & Emergency Department. She also visited the National Skin Centre for a consultation. Ms Wong paid a total of $892.65 for her medical fees. The National Skin Centre reported that the rashes could be due to an adverse skin reaction to the royal jelly capsules. The company offered Ms Wong an $80 voucher as compensation but she disagreed. Ms Wong requested for a reimbursement of $892.65.

CASE negotiated with the company and both parties eventually agreed to a refund in kind of $900.


Case Study #4

In Jan 2014, Ms Jessie* purchased several skincare products from a cosmetics & beauty shop. On the same evening, she applied the skincare products on her face as instructed. Her face suffered inflammation as a result. Ms Jessie approached the shop and was advised that this inflammation was a common side effect. However, the inflammation got worse and Ms Jessie visited a doctor for treatment. She felt unsatisfied with the company’s products and services and requested for a refund of $685 and medical reimbursement.

CASE negotiated with the company and the company agreed to offer a full refund of the skincare products to Ms Jessie.


Case Study #5

In Oct 2011, Mr Ang* signed a wedding banquet package with a hotel. He paid a deposit of $3,000 upfront. The terms of the contract stated that he had priority to choose any date for his wedding banquet in Sep 2013. However, the hotel subsequently claimed that they could not accede to the terms of the agreement. Additionally, the hotel wanted to raise the price for each table. Mr Ang thus requested to change the banquet package to a solemnisation package, with the banquet deposit to be used for the solemnisation. However, the hotel declined. Mr Ang lost confidence in the hotel and requested for a refund of the deposit paid.

CASE negotiated with the hotel and the hotel eventually agreed to allow Mr Ang to transfer his package to another couple as the final settlement.


*Please note that surnames have been changed to ensure the privacy of the consumers.

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